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Trust Me, These are My Fave Baby Items!

Whether you are expecting your first child, or your 4th, products change, guidelines change, and it can be very overwhelming! Maybe you are expecting a new little neice or nephew, grand-baby etc. Here is a list of my favourite must haves for that new little baby in your life!

My top diaper pick: Hands down, Pampers Swaddlers. These fit my baby perfectly and we tried many different ones. Even other types of Pampers didn't work as well. The swaddlers feel thicker and more absorbant, and higher quality than the other Pampers, and fit snugger than Huggies, and Hello Bello. Find the right fit for your baby, but trust me, the swaddlers leak less, and absorb more! Pro tip: shop through the link in this paragraph and subscribe + save on Amazon to save up to 20% on recurring purchases. You can always update to a larger size as baby grows, and continue to get the discount. I did this and saved over $100 in 10 months!

My Top Breast Pump Pick: Madela, all the way! I have the Madela Freestyle flex, BUT there's a new one that launched recently that is hands free and let me tell you, that is very helpful when you have a crying baby or you need to do the dishes.The non-handsfree one is till amazing, and now cheaper!

My Top Baby Formula Pick: Okay so I did a hybrid method where I breastfed 100% for about 5 weeks, then added some formula into the mix and did about half and half for a few months before I went completely to formula. I wanted to feed my baby the best formula and foun d that Enfamil a+ was perfect. Their formula that says "closest to breastmilk" was the best one for my baby as it did not cause any tummy upsets. The Gentle ease actually did cause issues like constipation so I would only recommend the one linked here based on personal experience. Pro tip: Buy this refill pack rather then the tub because it is way more cost effective. Store the open bag in a container you already have!

My Top Soother Pick: Madela again! Their silicone soothers are so comfy, soft, and safe. No peices can break off, if they roll over onto them they are not going to cause discomfort, and they promote a natural suckling. Not to mention, they are very affordable! Make sure you buy the right size!

My Top Activity Centre: Fisher Price Like a Boss. It's way too cute. It plays great music (that you won't get sick of... JK) and lots of fastened in pieces to play with. It also has a swivel seat that is replaceable with a solid additional activity when baby gets a little older, and baby can work from home with mama or dada! Check it out!

My Top Baby Monitor: As mentioned in a previous post, the Nanit Baby Monitor is without a doubt the best monitor there is. Especially if you have anxiety like I do! Check you my blog post about it if you want all the info, but here is a brief summary. This monitor tracks baby's breathing with high tech sensors. You'll need their breathing wear, but it's relatively affordable and you'll need to buy swaddles and sleepsacks anyways! Tip: There are other monitors with similar tech, however the ones that have the sock, it can fall off and cause panic thinking baby stopped breathing. I have read reviews about this happening and that is why I went with the Nanit!

My Top Diaper Wipes: Water Wipes! They are all natural, 99.9% water with .1% fruit extract. They are nice and moist and clean up the messy jobs so well. I buy a bulk box on Amazon, and subscribe + save. Highly recommend doing the same!

My Top Sleepers: Well, almost any with a 2-way zipper. The 2-way makes diaper changes so much easier, and keeps baby warm because you don't have to take the sleeper off their little tummy! I recommend Posh Peanut and Kyte for the more expensive options (the fabric is SO comfy), and Carter's and Petite Lem for the more affordable options. Special mention for Parade, middle of the road cost wise, and organic!

My Top Baby Mattress: Newton Breathable Mattress. For anyone worried about their baby sleeping on their own, this is hands down the safest mattress. You can literally breathe through it face down. Easy to wash, the mattress cover unzips and is machine washable. They have breathable sheets as well. I splurged on this and it gave me so much peace of mind.

My Top Burp Cloths: These Muslin ones from Amazon are really nice. I love them because they are cotton muslin (also breathable just in case!). They are absorbent and easy to wash. The colours are really nice too!

My Top Baby Shampoo + Body Wash: Hello Bello! All natural, and they have really soft nice scents. The lavender is great for bedtime!

My Top Baby Teether Toy: The Sophie! Of course! Stimulating baby's sense of touch, smell, and taste. Sophie is the best. Completely non-toxic and a must-have!

Thanks for taking the time to read my top picks! Let me know if there are any products you'd like to see reviewed!

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